• What is OTP SMS and what is its role in information security?

    OTP SMS (one-time password) is a technology used to randomly generate a password valid for only one time. This technology is used for several purposes, including password confirmation, order confirmation or payment, securing financial transactions, or confirming user identity verification. OTP is used as an additional security feature, because each time a new password is generated randomly; which prevents the possibility of guessing it for hacking or fraud purpose.

  • Why does stc use OTP SMS and when to use it?

    stc is keen on protecting the security of its customers’ information as one of its anti-fraud initiatives. The company uses OTP SMS to authenticate and approve transactions; in order to secure its customers’ data and to protect them against fraud. stc advises its customers to avoid providing verification codes received through OTP SMS under stc name to anyone via phone call or messages, as verification codes are requested “after the customer receives the service or product” by  stc agent only.

  • A website says there is a spyware on the computer, is it true?

    Please don’t believe everything that pops up in your web browser. Those “spyware detected” and similar messages that appear on specific web pages on top of the actual content are ads. Even worse, some of those ads actually install spyware when you click on them, if you have not taken appropriate steps to protect your computer. Unfortunately many websites pay the bills by accepting this sort of completely unethical advertising.

  • Are you a FTTH subscriber and facing No Dial Tone Issues?

    1- Phone cable may be in the wrong modem port / wall outlet.
    You should use the Correct Ports / Line Card (Tel1 / Tel 2).
    2- Check your modem if it supports FTTH or not, and you should replace it if not supported by the service.
    3. Check if you are using an FTTH modem as ADSL modem, i.e once you remove the power you can still receive the dial tone.
    4. Check correct Modem type and verify connection.
    After ensuring all these steps, please call 900 for further support.

  • CPE DSL (Second Light) status will be Green and Internet status (Third Light) will be red

    Billing Issue / Port Deactivated

    1. You should Verify your billing status weather bill is paid or not.
    2.  If paid then restart the modem and check the line status

    After ensuring all these steps, please call 900 for further support

  • CPE DSL (Second Light) status will be Red

    Modem Issue:

    1. Your modem should be switched on.
    2.  Change the line card connectivity from port 1 to port 2 or vise versa

    After ensuring all these steps, please call 900 for further support

  • Customer is facing a No Dial Tone issues due to internal wiring problem?

    1. Please connect your phone directly to the modem to make sure that there are no technical problems related to the internal wiring of the customer.
    2. If there is a problem with the internal wiring, you should connect your phone directly to the modem to isolate the internal wiring and check the services directly. If there is no connection, the problem is then in the internal wiring.
    You can also try one of the home Wi-Fi solutions, or replace your own internal wiring with the help of specialist technicians.

  • Do you have a problem with Modem and it does not connect to the Internet?

    If the CPE DSL Wireless network distribution LED (second light) is Red, then it is a Modem Issue:
    1. You must restart the modem.
    2. Change the line card connection from port 1 to port 2 or vise versa.