Hardglass-max – iPhone 15 Pro Max

35.00 SAR

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Technical Specs and Description
  • Maximum durability Tempered glass has many advantages, but extreme protection is most important for users! We have reached the maximum: the hardness of 9H is combined with an extended hardening process and reinforced edges. The result is a protective glass with a longer lifespan.

  • Comfort at your fingertips Fingerprints is a poor display adornment. In addition, they are often difficult to remove without streaks. We have used an additional oleophobic layer in HardGlass Max™, which not only provides resistance to greasy marks and makes cleaning easier, but also reduces wear to a minimum!

  • Brilliant transparency: The HardGlass Max™ crystal structure ensures image quality remains crystal clear. This means that you can enjoy your games, videos, and photos without any distortion.

  • Did your previous tempered glasses disturb the image displayed? It happens. But not here! With HardGlass Max™, you’re safe! The crystalline structure of the glass ensures the highest quality of colors and sharpness of the image so that the use of the smartphone will remain a pure pleasure!

  • Privacy screen protector