Hardglass-max-lite -iPhone 15 Pro

35.00 SAR

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Technical Specs and Description
  • HardGlass Max Lite™ provides three benefits: it provides maximum protection for the entire screen, is extremely easy to install, and prevents fingerprints. A crystal-clear structure and a thickness of just 0.3mm ensure a distortion-free image.

  • HardGlass Max Lite™ has the highest level of hardness – 9H according to Wolf-Wilburn and protects the entire, curved screen of the phone. It has been tempered at 400°C. In a dangerous situation, the glass will absorb scratches and cracks. You don’t have to worry about damaging either the display or the edges of your smartphone.

  • Perfectly fits the screen and is incredibly easy to install. It even fits smartphones with curved screens precisely. The non-sticky adhesive substance – Inviscid-Sil™ – covers the entire surface, allowing the glass to be comfortably adjusted. Forget about air bubbles. You can easily push them out after installation.

  • No more fingerprints or greasy stains on the display! Enjoy a perfectly smooth and always clean screen.