Satin Armor Case- iPhone 15 Pro

39.00 SAR

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Technical Specs and Description
  • Your phone is vulnerable to falling at any moment, so we took that into consideration and equipped this case with Shock Pocket technology to absorb the impact force of your smartphone on a hard surface. Both aesthetic and functional recesses in the case act as protective cushions, as the case withstands the full force of an impact. Don’t be afraid of dropping your cell phone with the Satin Armor+ case, the fall will be soft.

  • Camera always protected Who likes smartphones without a camera? We don’t. So, we have been dropping smartphones from heights to find a solution that will protect the sensitive electronics of the cameras. Hundreds of tests, and here it is – Satin Armor Case +. A case with raised edges around the camera, which is great for absorbing impacts and protecting the lens from scratches.

  • Friendly for buttons and ports We know that a case can impair the functionality of smartphone buttons. You press them, and nothing happens. Extremely annoying. That’s why we have made sure that the Satin Armor Case + never causes such problems. The case provides easy access to all ports and buttons on your smartphone. It also guarantees high button sensitivity and full functionality.